We are North Shape – we want to create perfectly crafted, zero waste, and eco-friendly toys to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Sanding a wooden toy

The passion for toys, respect for our environment, appreciation for simplicity, and the inner child in us provided the inspiration to create North Shape toys.

Through endless brainstorming and prototyping, through the tireless search for the perfect colours, to following kids reaction and behaviour towards test models and their own desires for a toy, an idea was born: “To create toys not just for children, but for the inner child in all of us.

From the very beginning we wanted North Shape to be in harmony with nature. That is why we are committed to creating products that are completely eco-friendly, from the toy to the packaging itself. We do not use plastic alloys in any of our toys. It is our mission to deliver the perfectly shaped toy with the perfect materials, colours, and proportions that not only stimulate the senses for young children but are safe for them as well.

Our handcrafted toys are made of 100% Polish beech wood and are coloured and coated with non-toxic paints and oils. We use the most advanced wood processing technologies to create toys that are incredibly pleasant to the touch and with no sharp edges. Each and every product is hand-finished by us to ensure that we are handing young children and adults a toy of the highest, safest quality.

Toys for every child at heart.

Our toys are designed with youngsters in mind. Children love toys, right? But what if a toy is designed to please everyone, regardless of age? What if toys can be used to decorate living rooms and offices?

Every time we design our models, we look to answer these questions. We want North Shape to be fun for both children and adults. All of us have a child-like spirit in us.

Reducing environmental pollution.

Non-toxic paints, wood from responsibly managed forests, and re-usable, organic paper boxes – these are just some of the features of our products. We promote ecological awareness and lifestyle to youngsters and their parents by limiting production waste. We do not waste a single cubic centimetre of the cherished Polish beech wood we use when making North Shape toys. We believe that every sliver and chip of wood, perfect or imperfect, can be used to create something great.

But our vision of a cleaner world does not end there. We went one step further. Does every toy have to end its life in the garbage can? What if toys can be handed down from generation to generation?

Each North Shape product has its own story, starting with the wood of the primeval Polish forest, to the loving craftsman’s hand, and finally to the awe-inspired recipient. You will find a unique serial number on each toy that chronicles this story. We want to encourage everyone to pass these toys along from generation to generation, house to house, hand to hand.

Wooden car in a hand
We want to inspire and give joy to people all over the world.

We want our toys to be enjoyed not only by children, but adults, too. Our mission is to spread minimalist design while paying special attention to detail and the importance of shape and material.

More importantly, we want to create a society of North Shape enthusiasts who will inspire others to live a life in harmony with nature. We want people all over the world to discover the potential and beauty of our land and to be increasingly aware of our polluted actions to it.

We want everyone, children and adults, to contribute to making a better world by reducing waste and the use of harmful toxic products.

We are North Shape, creating perfectly shaped toy for every child and child at heart.