Get to know us

We are North Shape - we create well-designed, perfectly crafted and eco-friendly toys and decorations to be enjoyed both by kids and grown-ups.


Not only toys

Kids’ passion, creativity and the ability to enjoy even the little things provided us the inspiration to start North Shape. The idea was born: “To create toys not just for children, but for the inner child in all of us.”

Our toys are designed with youngsters in mind. Kids love toys, right? But what if a toy is designed to please everyone, regardless of age? What if North Shape products can be used as home décor or desk gadgets for big boys?

Respect for the environment

From the very beginning we wanted North Shape to be in harmony with nature. That is why we are committed to creating products that are completely eco-friendly, from the model to the packaging itself. We do not use plastic in any of our toys. Our handcrafted toys and decorations are made of Polish beech wood from responsibly-managed forests, coloured and coated with non-toxic paints and oils. Even the dedicated for each model paper box is environmentally-safe.

We wish to promote ecological awareness and lifestyle to youngsters and their parents. We do our best to limit the production waste as we cherish every single cubic centimetre of beech wood we use when making North Shape products. We believe that every sliver and chip of wood, perfect or imperfect, can be used to create something great.

Help us start a (hi)story

Savvy design, natural materials and less-waste philosophy are our priorities. But our vision of a cleaner world does not end there. We went one step further. Does every toy have to end its life in the garbage can? What if toys can be handed down from generation to generation?

Every time we design our models, we look to answer these questions. We want North Shape to be fun for both children and grown-ups. All of us have a child-like spirit in us. Each North Shape product has its own story, starting with the piece of wood, to the caring craftsman’s hand, and finally to the awe-inspired recipient. You will find a unique serial number on each model that chronicles this story.

Wooden toys are timeless, they can be passed on to family or friends, creating a beautiful story enchanted in an object.

We want to encourage everyone to pass these toys along from generation to generation, house to house, hand to hand. Would you like to start your own story with us?