How It's Made

The passion for good design, respect for our environment, appreciation for simplicity, and the inner child in each of us provided the inspiration to create North Shape. Would you like to know how we obtain premium quality of our products?

Minimalist design

We want our wooden products to give joy not only to children but also to adults. Our mission is to spread minimalist design, by paying a special attention to details and the importance of shape and material.

CNC technology

We use the most advanced wood processing technologies to create toys that are incredibly pleasant to the touch and with no sharp edges. Each model is made with the use of CNC machines in order to obtain perfect shapes, perfectly fitting the youngest hands. Moreover each and every product is hand-finished by us to ensure that we are handing children and adults a toy of the highest, safest quality.

Five times sanding

We do our best to ensure that we are handing children and adults a premium products. To achieve perfect smoothness, our models are hand-sanded by carpenters who are especially sensitive to detail.

Safe water-based paints

It is our mission to deliver the perfectly shaped toy with the perfect materials, colours, and proportions that not only stimulate the senses for young children but are safe for them as well. We use only non-toxic wood stains to obtain beautiful, durable colours. By double layer of water-based paints we ensure the colour of our models lasts for years.

Wood from responsibly managed forests

Each model is produced from one piece of Polish beech wood, coming exclusively from responsibly managed State Forests.

Safety standards

Each model meets the European EN 71 toy safety standards. The tests are performed by an independent certification institution.

Made in Poland

North Shape is a small manufacture based in Lower Silesia region of Poland. All of our products are designed and produced here.